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Just don't understand that idiot's way of thinking that I replied to.

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There are alot of setups that cant get to constant 64 fps. But hey, it is my arrogance. They'll come with the next game. Now they get tickrate. I know people with more than capable builds who use wifi, and people with lower end builds using ethernet. It just means more can happen. Valve Corporation Gabe Newell.

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Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. So is it like that or do they hand out Fiat s every summer to the best player?

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Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. I have an old textbook somewhere I used to get my bachelors with a section related to this stuff, if I find it I will report back when I do. For Valve, which is a business, profits are what matter. Feel free to use it in your league, but please stop demanding Valve to upgrade all of their servers on baseless dating place in osaka. I just thought you were being hypocritical, talking about Valve needing to make the game cleaner, and having a smurf acc yourself on the same time.

Valve may claim this is only one players perspective and other factors such as his connection and the likes could affect the registration. Straight to the front page.

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Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at tick matchmaking 5. In a heavy game with smokes and everything this isn't very unlikely.

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Assuming the cyber cafes keep their PCs up to tick matchmaking to allow people to play whatever game they want LAN ping is usually 5ms and tick 'refresh rate' is 8ms. This is well over half of the userbase we are tick matchmaking about here. But just because you can't notice it doesn't mean no one else can't either. Each game "tick" is data being sent to and from the server, 64 tick means data is being sent 64 times a second. Actually it wasn't entirely useless, read this comment: Another tick rate tick matchmaking, I am just hoping this thread will help inform this subreddit as to just why -- surprisingly -- the qualified engineers at Valve have came to the conclusive decision to not add tick despite what armchair CSGO scientists claim.

It's been a topic of memery since faceit started gaining traction a few years ago. You make a bold assumption.

Argument 2) 128 tick provides better hit registration.

Your username is how other community members will see you. Will Valve finally make the call? What do you mean players can't handle it? Perhaps you can come up with something I am overlooking, because from everything I have concluded based off of my knowledge of my field of study, and my knowledge of CSGO, the difference is negligible and all these "experiences" people are citing that it feels smoother and such is caused by other factors that are not controlled for when going from 1 server to another.

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Valve is adding updates that fucks with FPS of most players and player on low PC's can't play new maps, so I don't think they care about that really: The real issue here is lack of communication between Valve and the community. To be perfectly honest, I hate debating 64vs tick because it requires such a substantial amount of mental effort to properly understand i. However, depending on where the survey took place, the majority vote could favor tick. I don't know which way it will swing the definitive "does tick really matter" argument, but ultimately I want to have the confidence to know that what I'm saying is accurate.