Airstream sewer hookup Ask Melanie: How Do I Install a Permanent Toilet in an Airstream?

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For your airstream sewer hookup, the Wi-Fi is working very well and most seem to be satisfied. Originally Posted by Woosch I will echo what Doug said.

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Good to know about — we got slammed with some charges last year. The mechanic said the only thing available is to dump your tank at a dump station. Energy InI finally upgraded my solar panels. Our toilet has been replaced by a cheap plastic porta-potty.

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These more modern fittings were still Thetford. See you on the road! Thanks for the info. So after seeing so many great looking revamped Airstreams we found one for sale by a young couple who got pregnant and wanted to move back to Michigan, bought it had does a drunken hook up mean anything moved and still have not personally seen it, only pictures. It was as simple as unplugging the old halogens, and plugging the new LEDs into the same socket.

The Other Kind of Connectivity There are plenty of cables, hoses, and adapters that are an absolute requirement to making life on the road safe and easy.

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They are able to put fittings and cutouts per your measurements and instructions. This allows you many options to handle both Gray and Black Water:. I also replaced several factory-installed halogen lights with LED lights. Best of all though, this comment explaining how you used the Campground for your Canadian address — — FABulous idea! If your dump fitting is low to the ground you can drain directly into the opening of the Blue Tank. Thanks for the info! I will echo what Doug said.

Thanks for all the good info. You must close the dump valve before removing the cap to attach the sewer hose to drain the contents. Jeff Forum Staff Posts: A cycling pump can also indicate worn seals inside the pump.

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My trailer is old and because of the set up of the drain plumbing I can't get water into the tank any other way than through the toilet. Look for this and close it if your trailer has one.

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Any plumbing supply can get them, including online sources. As for our window curtains, during the day, we just fold them up.

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AnnaMarie and Mike, airstream sewer hookup the Platinum Airship. All of this requires constant internet connectivity.

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At night, we take them down. Let it setup for 24 hrs preferably in a warm between 60 and deg F location. Where can I get parts for my era Peters and Russell water pump?? I'm having my driveway re-asphalted on Thursday so I should be able to test it over the weekend. Sounds like good advice.

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My Black Water tank is cracked, where do I get a replacement? While in Canada, I put in a Canadian SIM card and used the local cellular network instead of paying exorbitant global data charges. Do not shorten the old tail piece, just saw the lugs off the outside so the ring slips over them.

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Not exactly, but lets straighten out all those colors first:. Now I understand I must add a gray water tank or I am in violation of the federal law.