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I did stand around like a loose part for a bit. That means, they too have come from an already previleged background from their parents, then to end up at a good university to finally go into politics that normally do not represent the average people of their countries.

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SF Sorry didnt mean to be putting you on the spot, thanks for sharing your private life, its now officially part of the controversial issues affecting British Chinese community haha, just kidding re 'Could this be a cultural thing that men must not somehow end up inferior in a couple? All friendly and pleasant, but whether they 'tick' you is another story. Still no British Chinese.

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Tuesday, 7 November It's not about money, but more about respect. We understand that love has no boundaries. Tuesday, 19 December I personally am not ashamed of it and whenever I go home, I would still help out in the kitchen to relieve my parents as they are getting old. My family are very strict and traditional, and quite the opposite.


Anonymous28 October But it does allow me to travel and get to know new people. My father had a very difficult relationship with his mother and made sure he did not go back. You have the whole next day to make up your mind. Also white men does not automatically mean he is a sure bet financially. My ex is earning less than me at this point in time in his career. Or "friend" if you'd like to get to know them platonically.

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Tuesday, 19 December Find your Asian beauty at the leading Asian dating site. Just ask Chow Yun Fat. I also have a chinese speed dating london back when I was at uni who was a foreign student from China and she met her current husband at uni, but he was part Chinese so I don't know whether that counts. Whilst it appears to be a 'free' event, as you can see from a selection of reviewsdated Decemberfrom the following ethnic Chinese males, males are not allowed to find out their' matches' until they pay for it.

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I am also not a NT simpleton that says yes to everything but nor am I a materialistic person. The ones that I meet become friends and I don't ever go there since it's like pissing in your own pool.

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But it doesn't take away my understanding and acceptance of others that have found love with other ethnicities. I can't speak Cantonese properly myself. Or was it at an all Chinese event?

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If yes, then you have come to the right place. Doesn't bother me much.

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I am bit cynical of these dos, it gives women their 15min bit of self esteem, that they still have it, by their cockteasing clowning and guys willingly playing the fool. I meet white girls who say dating a chinese guy is a no no, there are exceptions, but what dating trend 2014 your views BBc bloggers?

My ex wasn't the most good looking person, he didn't speak Cantonese and he did earn less than me but I didn't ask him that and yes I did chinese speed dating london him at a speed dating event.

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Speed dating is all about short introductions to lots of new people. Chinese FOB businessmen in the UK are all about self interest looking to impress their white elitist colleagues.

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Women are obviously less fussy. Are you fantasized about interracial dating? We might not be able to allow entry if you are late.

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The men then start their first date with the lady who has the same badge number as themselves. Whether any of this is the truth, only my parents know.