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Some Suggestions How to Find the Missing Dates for Your Digital and Scanned Photos

But also if you can get a good look at the model of the typewriters that may narrow the time frame down. Often, depending on the material the slide mount is made from, the photo processing date is either printed or stamped. Other relevant features might include whether the surface is gloss or matte or even textured in the s ; the presence of perforations on two edges only machine-printed in strips ; or even the size of the print sometimes an indication of relative prosperity.

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You can see in this blowup dating 20th century photos the stamped date that is almost invisible to the naked eye. You had that cake decorated like a choo-choo train! The scanned image shows a black-and-white print.

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The content of all comments is released into the public domain unless clearly stated otherwise. KwikTip research guides give you a convenient and fact-filled dating 20th century photos to help you determine dates for your 19th century photographs pictures. Ratner September 8, at 7: It was popular at that time and so it was difficult to find in stores, so I bought one for both of you at the same time!

Not being a fashion person, but looking at his face, I estimate he is in his twenties, so that would make the photo the fifties.

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If so, you can begin to date the photograph to the turn of the century by researching the types of items people used during that time period. I think this print has been cut down from a larger original because prints usually had white borders on all sides.

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The Marlboro or a Waverly Electric runabout. We can assume the photo was taken in the Jefferson building, but do you know which room specifically?

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WilliamciC on May 6, at 1: Instead, looking closely at the image content frequently provides clues. None of the people in his new life had any idea of his daughters, let alone where he had been and when.

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Looking into this dating mystery offered an intriguing excursion into Library of Congress history and reminded me of the wonderful connections to be found among the collections. Poster by Howard Chandler Christy, This KwikGuide presents a proven approach to researching and dating 20th century photographs.

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Oh of course I remember that birthday party of yours! Art Taylor on January 30, at I wonder how common this is. For instance, if there are cars in the photograph it might be one of the first ones manufactured in the new century: Library of Congress Card Division, general view. Curtis Bisel on January 29, at Hopefully, that will allow us to match things up better.

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But chances are, my Dad had the film developed that same month or the month after. Please enter a valid email address.

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