Dating a male psychiatrist Would you date a psychiatrist?

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After leaving cigarette dude's dating a male psychiatrist, I must have wandered into a Duane Reade to buy cigs in my perpetual drunken quest to smoke myself silly. In fact, I bet him knowing the name of your phrase-mashing is about the extent of it -- extra-sensitive good listener friends doubtless notice it, but don't know the name. We start talking in the parking lot and then went out to dinner and stuff.

He may have the ability to do so, and he may do so out of habit, but that does not mean that he must do so, or that it's his personality to do so.

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If you can meet a decent guy with a good job and a Harley more power to you. I'd sooner date a lawyer. Thank you for your feedback!

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Sign Up for Psychiatric News Update newsletter. The one I dated, R6, is an intelligent, educated sociopath. Did you start to feel like a "patient" instead of a partner?

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Years later, I saw another one as a patient who actually fits your description. As someone from a family full of medical and psyche professionals, it's completely fair to set a very firm "no diagnosing" boundary, which of course would include pushing meds. Mental illness is associated with a significant burden of morbidity and disability.

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I know this sounds bad, but there's a disparity in our physical attractiveness, and at first I wasn't sure about him but as soon as he starts to talk, I don't think about it at all because there's just a natural chemistry and attraction between us. I've regained and re-established my identity.

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Thanks for the evening—I gotta say—I never met someone so grounded and so present before. You could date a pastor and worry that he is judging your soul. The street seems empty, odd.

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That all said, I've met good psychiatrists, but the bad ones are sorta If you grow, you're ok, but if you're stubborn like my grandfather, forget it. If at winning bridge you've lost your touch, If you dream about Bert Lahr too much, If, of late, you're frequently in your cups And your peke's become the mother of poodle pups, Make a date with a great psychoanalyst, and lie down.

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Do any of these fucking doors unlock? I mean, I usually don't disclose about my bipolar disorder right away with people but um Lived with one for over three years.

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I remember being upset that the wine was gone, being offered some whiskey and continuing to imbibe heavily. I agree with the comment that he might be more understanding that a regular joe.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a dating a male psychiatrist Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. I am studying Behavioral Psychology at university, and she complains that I analyze her.

Do you feel that because of his profession he might know more about what's going on in your head than you do?

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No one has really interested me too much, just enough to enjoy some time while I could. Even the best therapists can neglect to make wise decisions during off hours. Therapists want to see positive change take place and are proactive when it comes to problem-solving.