Dating a new jersey girl 10 Things You Must Know About Dating Someone From New Jersey

Dating a new jersey girl

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1. She Spends More On Tanning Than She Does On Groceries

Some are ritzier, some have carousels, and some have better food courts. Hey Matt, Kiss my Bergen County ass!!

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NY made pizza famous and NY made bagels. Either that or the scumbags in the NJEA got into her head. When you go to a diner or a restaurant outside of New Jersey, you will probably get that one stupid little cup of coffee without any refills… and that is a real issue.

That show Jersey Shore is a piece of crap and those girls are not even from Jersey.

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DarleneBernadetteTschoppDannabisTrue, we do like to drive fast. This is so retarded.

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Stay the fvck out of our state you little skank. You will be the one getting out of the car to pump gas whenever necessary.

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We never learned to pump our own gas. Just get out of there while you can.

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My daughter who considers herself to be a Jersey girl would be offended by such an ignorant take on what Matt perceives as facts. This jerk got the reaction he was looking for.

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Surrounded by gyms and window tint shops, I forever bear the cross that is my New Jersey wife and until death do us part. Total bullcrap, but funny haha.

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And if people observe the stereotypes, they wont come here, which I am more than okay with. You put that shit in a brown bag and you sit down and be quiet. Sounds like he regrets his dating a new jersey girl.

The left lane is for passing.

I will bring you to diners that will blow your mind in ways you wouldn't believe.

And how could we not with sunrises like this? Glad you enjoyed my little article. Who do you think ratified the contract with the State moron?

Nice picture…Jenny is from New York, you idiot.

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The ACLU and everyone else would be sueing his ass right now. He has a lot of nerve. My confidence is one of my best features.

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I existed before Jersey Shoreyou know.