Dating budweiser cans Budweiser Launches 'Track Your Bud'

Dating budweiser cans

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V DE -7 Few datings budweiser cans are as quintessentially American as Budweiser. Frankly, there are days I hate Anheuser-Busch.

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Look along the seam for the year on most Schlitz cans. The fishermen said Budweiser officials estimated the cans to be more than 60 years old, possibly dating back to. Anheuser Busch dropped the ol bornon dating bit from cans of Bud a few years back, they still keep them on their job listings so we can report [ Date on bottom of Coors Light can?

Before asking what beers you can find where, Read the Julian method of beer dating The first questions you may ask is what is the Julian method of dating.

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It is not owned, operated, affiliated with, or endorsed by any brewery or brewing dating budweiser cans. They are not rare.

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Budweiser is distinguished by its clean, crisp, distinctive flavour, the result of a unique beechwood aging process. Cone tops came into use in and the last one was used by Rice Lake Brewing in Clydesdales Horses Video Has a commercial for beer ever made you cry? It depends on the individual can, some are very common and some are rare. The 15th and 16th characters "07" remain a mystery to me. AnheuserBusch announced Tuesday that Budweiser will roll out a patriotic rebranding this summer, with the word America on cans and bottles for a few months.

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Note that the year isn't included anywhere in this date. This will indicate either the date the can was filled, or the date the beer was brewed before, so you have a good idea of about when your can was produced and sold.

Which is why Budweiser developed the Born On dating system, so you know your beer is fresh. Does it have an aluminum top that advertises itself as a "Soft-top" or words to that effect? The independent consumer guide to beer product dating.

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