Dating gamers Bad Romance: The Terrible World Of Video Game Dating Sites

Dating gamers, begin my quest

Sorry, I should mention that because it is just starting, there aren't many people on there yet hopefully! Does LFGdating still have ways to go before we feel it's where we want it to be? I met my boyfriend through it, we connected through gaming and the fact that we went through the same college program 3D modeling for games. It's pretty basic, as we're still working on it.

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Geek Dating Nerd Dating is different because it's a dedicated geek dating site just for geeks and nerds. Log in with Facebook.

Part of the Video Gaming Community? Guess What…You Are Not Alone

One of them is a check box that differentiates between the United States and international members. We're sorry LFGdating isn't capable to support what you want it to do, yet. When I used the dating gamers you had to pay to see any messages Link up dating gamers other gamers who share the same tastes in games. The ability for me to see the alert on my iPhone that you replied to my posting above shows this. I had a lot of fun with okc though I did have one out two bad datings gamers and weirdo messages. Better me than dating gamers. Part of the Video Gaming Community? I'll definitely look into it, and sign up.

Tired of being single and not being able to find the right partner who shares your interests?

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Yeah for sure, I'm certain you could find what you're looking for on OkCupid, just have to be patient and open-minded as well as have thick skin to sort through all the garbage. We all love games and want to share our lives with someone in game and out. Sure, it seems like it was just a game, but the way we laughed and encouraged each other as we took turns getting to the next level brought us closer together and strengthened our relationship.

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DateAGamer is known as the U. We're not a corporate office in a metropolitan high rise. And hey, if he plays rugby, oh hot damn He was the very first date I went on, and he's the best thing to ever happen to me. Since we are still a young company, we have not expanded our site's premium services outside of the US yet. They seem to believe that all gamers are straight. Don't fall for this stuff.

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The aftermath lead to the birth of Nerd Reactor. I randomly clicked on a lady's profile to read more about her. We both loved video games since we were kids, and that was one of the ways we bonded as a couple. Will they message you back?

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This is an archived post. We're two guys trying to grow a tasteful, mature gamer dating site. Its not difficult to find the good gamer guys. Profiles only address so much, I think. Emeralds are so much better than blood diamonds. Secondly, our choice to employ age ranges instead of specific ages stems from research.

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