Dating guild gad guitars Guild GAD serial numbers?

Dating guild gad guitars

Which is not unusual since the guitar was made in China. Ralf Actually I think it is our old super powers, if only because passwords are not necessarily the same between the two and there is no reason for the old board to know of our new status.

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I just purchased a used GAD50 which is a wonderful instrument. It's really your new "Super Powers" that allows this to you but not us members. In any case, we'll have to deal wtih that when we move to the new host.

I come to the "Request new PW" page only and I am stopped there.

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The issue is that every shop and every quote you see shows the GAD number and very few are aware that there is a separate serial number. Only Super Moderators can get back into the old site.

The first three numbers beginning withrefer to the sequence of units made, i. One of our members posted this http: The second two digits identify the production month.

Here's what I've got so far: The time now is Music Gear Power Search. There are no corresponding model names or numbers available.

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The last four digits refer to the date of production. Even using the old login there it shows only: GAD serial numbers and manufacture dates. FYI, I still get the board disabled messages. And they have no replacement parts lists for these guitars. Find all posts by Thrillhouse.

Guild GAD serial numbers?

If someone knew how to search for the thread about dating GAD's and link it to this new BB, then it would probably help. All times are GMT So, being the geek I am, I put together a short list of quotes where BOTH numbers were known, or the actual date of production, which would allow someone to look at a GAD number and relate it to date see below.

Please refer to the guides before each chart for information on how to interpret the data. The middle two digits refer to the dating guild gad guitars.

The link goes to the login page and stops there and if aanbieding dating site try to log in you get the "disabled" message. The following chart details the dating guild gad guitars, the guitar model, and the last serial number produced for each model in each given year. In any case, I pasted all the relevant text into the post. When I have the time, I'll try to search the new forum for a good link.

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After doing research and reading almost every Guild-related post on this forum and letstalkguild, I wound up buying a really nice amber sunburst GAD G The first two digits of this number identify the production year.

The following chart details the year, the guitar model, and the beginning and ending serial number for each model in each given year. In this case, 26 would stand for the 26th instrument made to the 33rd order.