Dating natural hair Dating While Natural – Is My Natural Hair Keeping Me Single?

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Because 9 times out of 10 those same black men love straight hair and wouldn't mind their woman to kill themselves to uphold European beauty standards that are essentially forced down the throats of women who tend to be fickle. Natural women have always stood out to me. Personally, I say rock your hair as you want and not even worry about it but I understand you need some solutions.

When I skyped my boyfriend I wore my wig.

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First off, hey girl, I see you and welcome to the natural hair club! So I began to take down my weave. Would he like it? Charnele Ashlee My Sister's Closet!

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Yes, hair is just dating natural hair but it is an external part of my identity as a black woman. Well, it most certainly is and while many of us are already locked up been married 18 years last Decemberthere are thousands of black women single and having fun in the dating game. You may also enjoy: We love our hair, and taking care of it plays a major role in our daily lives, which means it may also play a major role in your life if you're dating us.

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What I do know for sure is that relationship is over and reading this through it was for the best. I was too shy to let him see me without the long flowing hair I once spotted.

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But after 3 months it was time to take down the weave. I prefer wearing my hair short and curly. Yes, I agree but it is a vital part of the dating process getting to know if you are compatible and or compliment one another. Would he think less of me? Is it natural to have thoughts in the back of your mind like what does he think about dating natural hair hair? I wanted him to appreciate my hair as much as I do. Do what datings natural hair you happy and that includes how you prefer to wear your hair. We will not be leaving the house and will, in fact, be spending the entire day washing, detangling, trimming, deep-conditioning and styling.

While many are enjoying their natural hair journey and dating with no issues about hair, some women are seeing a change in their dating pool and find their hair is the reason. Leave a comment You are commenting as guest.