Dating singer treadle sewing machines Find sewing machine model number from serial number

Dating singer treadle sewing machines, other answers in the category dating a vintage or antique sewing machine, how old is it..?

If your sewing machine, accessory, or ephemera has a name on it, this is the place to start.

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Even though I acquired several datings singer treadle sewing machines of parts at the same time, they didn't have the right part. I have the buttonhole attachment for it, plus the bottonhole attachment and hemstitcher attachment that fit the Singer treadle.

Could any one tell me about this brand or the potential age of it?

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New Sewing Machines by Singer. So you've got to have actual old bobbins to make them work, if you have an old machine that takes long bobbins. My grandmother, the sewer in the family, made many of my clothes on that machine. Most likely it is a Singer Model 66 series. You selected Down-Near the Bed.

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My grandma gifted it to me inand I used it for 20 years. I took it to college with me and sewed in my free time. The slide plate to access the bobbin had a small oblong hole which aided whilst sliding the slide plate to the left to view the bobbin.

ISMACS is an organization totally independent of all sewing-machine manufacturers, past or present and is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in these pages. The motor on your machine. Congratulations you are now finished! The moment of truth came Not that that increases its value in the least It also had a price tag to match.!

Singer Sewing Machine Company: A Brief History

I have a Singer Featherweight that I bought used in about Besides, that gave me time to do a little research and really think about it. Since the first machines were produced in the s, thousands were sold to eager consumers.

Here are a few of the Singer factory letters around the world.

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By Alex I Askaroff. British serial number only One thing I have found is that the new modern "long bobbins" they sell don't fit these old machines very well. All the letters in BOLD below are letters that come after the model number, denoting place of manufacture.


In the early s, Isaac Merritt Singer inventing the first really practical sewing machine of the times. Because of the many technological changes Singer introduced over the years, examining the serial number on any Singer will reveal the time period in which the machine was produced.

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Both the K and K were tiny machines known as the original Singer Featherweight machines. My mother-in-law lives in a retirement community in FL.

They are such great and reliable machines. The Singer K as shown has the sleeve arm or sometimes called tubular bed.

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It was put up for sale when the store closed after the chain went bankrupt. Study your Faceplate carefully and decide which answer best describes it.

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Congratulationsyou have a Singer Model 27 or 28 or one of their variations such as the Model 28K.