Dating zebco reels Dating zebco reels

Dating zebco reels

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After the two rivet foot reels, they started going back to a single rivet, but much smaller rivet head than the metal bodied reels. And I can tell you that the very LAST thing that crossed the minds of manufacturers was that this practice might befuddle collectors of their products 80 years down the road. No wonder I'm confused!

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These companies changed appearances, parts, and methods of assembly more than most of us change socks. Main purpose letters was indicate each conventional conventional you might be surprised home page what spending little bit more. The 33 in question and all metal bodies, if the reel shows an aluminum mounting foot the body is all metal, the plastic body fiberglass composite body will have the reel mounting foot molded right with the body of the reel. The reason was when the company had lots of orders for a dating zebco reels model lower pricedbut was running out of parts on the line, parts were taken from the higher priced line and used.

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Jerry J in OK. Hull takes his idea to Zero Hour Bomb Company and the world's first spincast reel is born, guaranteed to never dating zebco reels. Anyone good resources on history shimano from the excellent condition pitting handle. The two 33s I have that have the beveled brass gears both have one large rivet holding the foot to the body.

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Zero Hour Bomb Company officially changes name to Zebco. Hope this info helps somewhat.

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I have read there was a Zebco 33 book being worked on with photos and other general information. Something was almost always changed on the reels so they could say it was a new and improved model of the reel for the next years model. Some had two inline rivets and some were a two rivet diagonal pattern.

I am not a Both have the teardrop anti-reverse lever and two rivets holding the foot on.

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Those reels had a two rivet style foot. The rivet that holds the foot to the body has NO way of dating a model of the reel, as each jobber had there own way of attaching it. Zebco introduces an all-new Zebco 33 for the 60th anniversary. Sat Aug 31, 6: Mon Jun 30, 6:

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