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Ivy International is the specialist matchmaking agency of choice for elite professionals and high net worth individuals across the globe.

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Our members represent the ivy leagues of their industries; up and coming or established entrepreneurs, they are successful at their level in their field. What are some red flags? But advertising revenue helps support our journalism.

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What are some red flags you look for? Why would you suggest someone use a matchmaker?

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It's so one-on-one, handholding, personal and safe. How do you vet potential candidates?

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Her unique and track-proven approach to highly selective and upscale matchmaking has made her one of the top international professional matchmakers. Choosing the perfect professional matchmaker is the best way to approach the search for the lifelong companion of your dreams.

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After all, the ultimate goal of Exclusive Matchmaking is to pair you with a companion who is the perfect fit! Why do you think more people are using matchmakers exclusive matchmaking Men and women who dedicate a great deal of time and energy putting down their ex partners or are unable to take responsibility for their part are generally not going to be as successful working with me as somebody who is exclusive matchmaking open minded.

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If you're ready to meet your match, contact us at hermes ivy-international. Learn how to become a real life Cupid!

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Below are steps you can take in order to whitelist Observer. Busy, discerning, high-net-worth men who do not have the time or social network necessary for selective, relationship minded dating.

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There is a false perception that high net worth individuals are looking for that "runway model" type and we are here to end that. Here, everyone who is single is getting involved with matchmaking, from the masses to the supremely wealthy.

To the untrained eye, there appears to be too much choice. We get to know our clients on a personal level.