Hot springs vanguard electrical hookup Owners Manuals

Hot springs vanguard electrical hookup

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Can you post a photo of the terminal strip? But I can tell you how to post the photo here, if you need help with that.

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Subject to credit approval. So, it doesn't look like the one in the schematic then. I may have taken the long way around.


Electrical i have a vanguard hot springs spa that i need to wire. Not trying to be a smarty, I hope I don't sound that way. Ask Your Question Send It!

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Yes, but if the wire is not rated for 50 amps, that would be a Code violation. It looks like a double lug to me.

I am trying to install a new dimmer switch for my overhead. That being the case, you don't want the inside breaker to be a GFI type as well. I have 3 black wires and 3 wires and 1 coming out of. I don't think you should have to buy one, or build one, based on what you likely paid for the tub. Do you see terminals that say "L1", "L2", etc? OK, "L1" is for one of your hot wires, a black. They are not terribly expensive.

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Where did you see something about jumpers not being required? Download a free digital copy of the manual for your spa.

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It seems this Sovereign actually uses the same wiring as the Grandee. Solana Owner's Manual 3.

If the terminal is marked "Load Neutral", then it should go off of the breaker itself.