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I started dating a pregnant woman, welcome to the coffeehouse

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PP is right, she can have whoever SHE wants in that room. Do what you feel is best though kid! I am sure that Mandi will appreciate the opportunity to chat about stuff with you.

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The time now is My priorities are exactly where they need to be. I think it would be best for me to step away and let her sort out this difficult situation she is in. Yeah, it was only 1 month or 1.

Dating a pregnant girl

Your source did not say that at all, by the way. Switch to Hybrid Mode.

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And perhaps you are right, it may be worth waiting until I find the right woman and settle down and have kids with her myself. If you date a lady and then become a very big part of her and her child's lives what will happen if it ends, both you and the child will feel attached to each other yet you would have no legal rights and would have to walk out on a child that would feel like your own.


Pregnancy hormones are intense! But, I was willing to give it a try. I don't see any problems with a girl being pregnant but have issues with being in a child's life and then being gone if we break up.

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She already chose you, great, now confirm and set boundaries now before the baby arrives, the last thing she needs is extra stress from an idiot ex and her new man. Everyone is welcome but intolerance is not.

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Emma you say all that like I haven't dated a women with kids before Dating a pregnant woman Hi, So this is a post looking for your opinion on something that has been running through my mind recently. And talk to the person about this. If I'm going to be tasked with the responsibility of dealing with a pregnant woman and the resulting child, it should be mine. One of the main considerations I would have is that in less than nine months, she's going to be a sleep-deprived, hormonal mess who literally isn't going to have any free time for months.

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No the i start dating a pregnant woman isn't dead. Harlan is author of "Getting Naked: It seems it might have been a short time Would you date a Pregnant girl?

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Right now, all the difference you are seeing is what happens when you pee on a stick. Are you afraid she's going to leave you for her ex? I have and would. My body changed over time with both of these men, but my sense of sexual self-esteem never did.

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We got hungry and went out for dinner at a restaurant down the street.