Lambretta frame dating The Scooters

Lambretta frame dating

Designed by Bertone Innocenti wanted a small frame and engine. They did this by cutting the frame directly in half along three quarters of its lenght, and welded in a strenghening plate. Warm Regards, Wendy Karim. The engine number on all models except for TV Ser. Identify the Mk1 The mark 1 was only available in cc and featured two round port holes on the side panels.

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The countries being as follows:. Browse Hallmark greeting cards, gifts, ornaments and the full selection of personalized books and personalized cards. All Lambretta Series for sale ads from.

Initially scooters were built from parts shipped in from Italy and assembled in India. Please Find your VIN number on the left, to find your model and year. Also seat covers were frame dating, and small changes to badges were made. Lambretta frame breather and Mk1.

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The 2 digit number after the frame number denotes the country that the scooter was built for. Identify the The version had polished alloy handle bar housings. The Special is sometimes known or called an SX Identify the Mk1 The mark 3 did not have an inside legshield tool box, the speedo and horn was housed in a frame dating that sat on top of the handle bars. It also came equipped with a kph speedo. Die kunnen voorzien worden mits meerprijs.


Dating certificate from the owners club. Changes from the Mk1 version were: Identify the TV Kick start was in the centre of the engine casing, front dampers, 70mph speedo, dual seat as standard.

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The work horse of Italy used to be a pretty rare sight here in the UK, but more and more have been imported over the years. The Series two was pretty much identical to the Series ones except the head lamp was now in a larger head set housing.

On this and the LD, the L stood for Luxury due to the mentioned panel work. J Range - Notable for their Vespa-like pressed sheet steel monocoque body the first Lambrettas ever produced without a tubular frameand 3.

The TV Series 1. The amount of models and options was vast.

Delivery can be arranged at cost. Most parts for these models are readily available, although some body parts are becoming scarce. Design The tubular frame was made. Futuristic styling, still copied today, and doesnt look out of place.