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And she walked out of his flat without a word. Not necessarily wild and out of control, but most animals tend There are only three criteria for the list:. There are only three criteria for the list: A flat where everything was white, including a beautiful white suede sofa.

At which point she got up, leaving her naked date on the sofa, his crotch filled with a pool of bright red sick, staring up at her in disbelief.

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The first thing you read in the post was a bold face lie. It feels oddly familiar.

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Well written, quirky, adult, first-hand dating experiences culled from Nerve. Soon to Be Cat Lady. This site will shock you, amuse you and fill you with nostalgia all at the same time — guaranteed. What this blog IS going to be is stating the obvious, BUT it's going to be stating the obvious and backing it up with statistical data.

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One of the older dating blogs in existence circaOnline Dating Insider discusses why dating sites fail or flourish, interviews some of the top dating company movers and shakers, and offers personalized advice and information for dating business owners that can't be found elsewhere. Sex, Lies and Bacon is the dating funny blog of Melysa Schmitt, a single mom candidly sharing her adventures in dating. Want my new posts to go straight to your inbox!?

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I want to hear about your worst date ever. He was model-gorgeous, and a wealthy high-flier, and every online search simply revealed more and more good stuff. Have you ever been stalked by an online date?

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Created by the ever-popular Cheezburger. So, when the time is finally right, why not get animalistic?

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You think having to say no so many times is fun?