Opi dating a royal vs essie mesmerize Essie Mesmerize (Mezmerize) Swatch & Review

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Tony Moly 1 Brand: I never dating a royal vs essie mesmerize I could like blue nail polish.

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Your nails are so perfect!! Jamie — Totally agreed and me too, I have a huuuuuge Essie collection.

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It needs 3 coats and it can be kind of watery. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It could have worked with 2 coats, but I preferred 3. Pam's Girly Bits 2 Brand: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Color Club 1 Brand: Nocti Flying Naked Ring: My roomie went to Auburn too! Joe Fresh 3 Brand: But, beware, I suggest wearing a good base coat with this color or you will end up with smurf fingers.

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You are right S! It applied well in 2 coats, but I used 3 for this photo.

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DAR has more purple in it. I really loved Sexy Divide, too.

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Terry Chow July 6, at I love my glitter with a hungering passion, but blue creams are good for the soul For one, I generally quite like their formula, but. I know Essie can be pricey and just because I have an affinity for Essie and similarly priced brands of nail polish, I am well aware that not everyone wants to hand over quite so many of their hard earned coinage so I have and will continue to include a list of other options ranging in brand and price.

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Essie Spring Collection Swatc But they're all so gorgeous! Open Front Cashmere Cardigan. I love the blue as well!

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Do any of these stain at all in your experience? The main differences are that Essie Mesmerize is lighter, a little less vibrant and much more opaque. If you would like me to check out your blog or product, please email me.

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I love the blues. I believe I have mentioned this before, but it really does make application a breeze. Anna, I don't think it's limited edition or anything, so it will still be around if you decide you need it: Eternal Optimist is a pink toned nude.