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I feel like they had met up or something, or they just happened to bump into each other and decided to talk for a bit. They are indeed dating. Finally, the videos of "Seokyu" that the shippers post are seriously ridiculous. Wednesday, April 10, Same Old: Seo and Hyuk were all alone with only a few things and then all of a sudden, Kyu comes and in the next pic, there's a bunch of party things.

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What kind of friends would they be then? What grossed me out more is the writers aren't even legal. I always believe that there's no smoke without fire. Anonymous February 25, at 8: The netizen's comment to be taken with a pinch of salt is saying that Yonghwa and Seohyun don't have much to talk about behind the scenes. Dami February 25, at 6: As for them wearing the same clothes, it's because Yongseo couple fanclubs gifted it to them.

Anyone who follows either one of them would've heard of the rumor before dating rumor. I have never heard of any previous dating rumors between Victoria and Changmin though She shouldn't have deleted it and just kept it up I too think they are really dating. Does Yesung like girls who strip on cam?

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I don't think she was pulling an IU. It seems that some K-Cassies are cool with it.

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No, no no no no. Seriously, if Yunho-Ara is as real as I've always thought they are, a part of me wishes they'd go public just so YunJae fans can finally shut up and grow up a bit. I doubt she thought you'd analyze the reflection of her spoon.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Geez people, just because they sang a duet and holding hands doesn't mean they're dating. Posted 08 April - Starin via Nate 1. BoA February 25, at 7: Super Junior lives in that villa as well. I doubt that K-netizens know anything right LOL', 'timestamp': But i'm sorry, after watching all these "evidences" shippers gave, it's clear yo me that there is no SeoKyu, no YongSeo and not sure about YongShin but i dating rumor say no too. They are assuming because of rumors, let's remember that netizen are normal people commenting rumors.

Well,Yonghwa is great and all but Kyu definitely has the advantages being in the same company. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Yonghwa is not even a good actor to begin with celebs can fall in love when they act together in drama, so what's the different with a reality tv show?