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E Passion and Reason. While looking rather tired, perhaps, as though she had not slept well?

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I liked it but I feel like I've read this before. Louise and Jamie Redknapp may have 'lost their sparkle' over a year ago according to body language expert after rumours of split.

Why people call it TwiLuna is beyond me; calling it 'Tuna' is far more entertaining in my view I look forward to what you write up next, WM, as I always do. I have been - unsuccessfully it seems - seeking to court thee. That's a good factor. It's not easy for Luna to even leave her room.

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Some of Luna's interactions with the six are a bit on the nose, but not any more so than would be expected from the show. Haven't read any of that in a while. Well, that was adorable.

Heck, we've seen Fluttershy feeding animals fish, so I think it's safe to say that there's some kind of fishing industry, which could easily be the source of the Gelatin. It just all feels like it fits so naturally into the world. You're a good mare, Bc dating laws. I always love twilina, but this was just so perfect and Luna is so relatable and awkward and she's trying so hard it reminds my of myself attempting to talk to crushes.

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It is just I feel like I've read some of these scenes before particularly the parts with Luna getting mad or timid at Twi's door. I really like Whither and Whence as words - both in sound and utility - so I tend to notice when they're used incorrectly. Twilight lowered her menu and gave a soft giggle, shaking her head.

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I was quite surprised, to be honest. Log In Sign Up. Adorable ponies are adorable. I knew there was a reason why I am a fanboy of yours. Already have an account? It was with a start that Luna suddenly realised that the golden sparkle road dating of the sun had dwindled in the west, a great red-orange disk framed by streamers of cloud that glowed pink and gold.

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Now, I'm a little curious what the gelatin used to make her book-binding glue is made of, since it IS typically made with Gelatin, making it animal glue, but it's hardly unthinkable that they might have animals they farm for that express purpose. All the typos you spotted are fixed now. Plus Tuna is one of my favorite ships!

Sparkle Road now relies entirely on Google's AdSense program to provide revenue and the results so far have surprised the Sparkle Road team. More proofreading suggestions, too! Also, with how Luna was struggling to adapt to modern speech in the beginning, I realized that I really would like a TwiLuna fic where Luna accidentally slips back into ancient equestrian, only for Twilight to effortlessly start talking in ancient equestrian too.

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