Speed dating french resources French Speed Dating Activity

Speed dating french resources

Then put pupils in pairs and ask them to read of their statements to their partner.

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Each student is given a a few clues to a murder investigation. Classes could use calculators, but it is probably better for them to use pencil and paper solutions.


They must not use a number more than once. These are for speed dating french resources students.

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This game can work at all levels. How old are you?

French Speed Dating Cards - Relationships. Tell students that they are a reporter for a magazine about famous people.

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On paper you can construct a code where each letter is represented by a number e. Give pupils a theme, or let them use any words, and go round the class getting them to play word association. The lack of authenticity in tense use is probably worthwhile for the practice that you get. With most groups you might want to stick with perfect tense, even if that makes some answers a little awkward.

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Give each group a set time and then listen to each group's ideas. Good for high intermediate to advanced for about 30 minutes work.

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Really fun and successful activity. Interpersonal communication can be one of the more challenging modes of communication for foreign language learners because it involved unprepared and spontaneous communication.

Classes like this game very much and you could make it fit particular vocab categories e. They have to try to talk for one minute. Good pictures should be simple and suggest a background story, perhaps with a past and future.

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If they break the rules another member of the group intervenes e. A ppt and a worksheet to develop students' crative writing at KS3.


This resource is designed for UK teachers. Good for advanced level. Oui, je regardais ….