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Speed dating in higher education

Those definitely seem to be key to the process.

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A large panel makes that difficult. Twelve pairs of students asked the same questions to twelve different practitioners, essentially receiving twelve different insights on one particular issue in the same amount of time used in a traditional panel discussion.

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From romance to rocket science: Ten proposals for action. Having this information prior to the event will allow the students to use their short time it is a speed event after all most effectively. At the end of the experience, have students work in their pairs to discuss what they learned. Tools of the trade: Most important is to leave time for reflection for the students.

It is important to pay attention to time during the activity. Employing a speed dating model in the classroom in place of a panel can be an effective way for students to learn a variety of perspectives in a short amount of time.

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This sharing can be done in class or in a written format, which can be compiled and distributed to the entire class. Journal of College Teaching and Learning, 6 8 I added follow-up questions to each set so students could delve deeper into the issue if time allowed. Skip to main content. You have our promise not to sell or share your email address — ever!

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The students in the class should be provided with short biographies for each panelist. Need to get your students talking? Advanced Experimental Social Psychology, 32, Use of any content without permission is strictly prohibited. Students typically remain in their partner-groups for about minutes before the instructor, who must keep time, notifies montreal free online dating site to move on to their next partner.

A stopwatch and a whistle are essential equipment.

Ask them to synthesize their learning and report to the group their general conclusions. They loved the panel but speed dating in higher education to have time to ask more questions and hear more from each person than time allowed.

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Each pair turned in a list of three-five questions ranked by their specific interests. Small touches will make a difference.

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Each round has to be long enough for the students to gather some information and short enough to get to each panelist during the activity. The feedback in my class following this activity confirmed for me that this format was a richer learning experience than a traditional panel discussion.

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Judgmental accuracy from thin slices of the speed dating in higher education stream: Another pre-session preparatory activity is to provide students with time to write on the topic to organize their ideas before they begin to converse with their peers Murphy, Creating conditions that matter. Using speed dating sessions to foster collaboration in continuing interdisciplinary education.

Thank you for including the necessary preparation steps. Due to the repetitive nature of the interactions, students may become expert in a particular content area by the end of the session Lashbrook, Contemporary pedagogical theory put into practice. As the instructor and panel moderator, one has to manage the questions from the class as well as rein in the excitement and enthusiasm of the panel participants to impart their wisdom.

In other variations, students may be required to take a stand on a topic, or they may be asked to incorporate points made by other students into their position as the session goes along Murphy, Speed dating and the presentation of self: Library Media Connection, 31 2

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