Sundar ram dating Meet The King Of Dating Who is On A Mission To Date 365 Women For A Good Reason

Sundar ram dating

Sunder with actor Vimala Raman.

A woman took him jogging once and both gorged on idli-vada from a local eatery, whereas another taught him sailing. Men who can make women laugh more likely to satisfy them in bed 13 Jul 2: As the meal on the dates is paid by the rams dating, Sunder saves all the money for that day, thereby saving money.

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Humans are social in nature and they do rams dating which ultimately help the society and fulfill a social cause. I am not looking for a romantic relationship.

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But such days are rare," he says. Sundar Ramu has dated two old ladies, one of them is 97 years old.


The ladies who have gone out with him have blogged about this unique experience. You not only do act positively for yourselves and for your beloved but do a lot of noble things for strangers, thus serve mankind.

On those days I do not keep any plans. Now, in the picture!

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As of now, Sundar Ramu has dated all kinds of ladies across the globe, the Indian, German, American etc. Connect with him on Facebook. Well that seems unbelievable, how could this happen.

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According to reports, Sunder plans to go out on dates this year and has already embarked on of them till date. You also can do your bit just like this Chennai-based Photographer and actor, Mr.

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The ultimate destination of funny and informative articles. Women still do more housework than men, even after office work 13 Jul 2: I decided that I was going to explore life and meet more and more people.

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He has just one rule- that women must take him out on the date and pay for their meal together or, they can also cook for the occasion. Skip to main content. Going to the club feels fake, and so I thought of going out on dates," says the ace photographer. Durga Stalin, actor Lekha Washington, and actress Aishwarya.