Topside hook up Merapuh Topside Hook-up & Commissioning

Topside hook up

With their expertise and experience in lifting services, they will gladly help you. Efficiency and speed of offshore hookup production uptime, too.

Bram van Oirschot Sales Manager. The operating weight of all topside facilities is 17, U. Conbit delivered the lifting engineering, crew and lifting equipment, as well as the offshore execution of the wind shroud replacement and flare tip maintenance works.

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You can contact us by phone or email. The first phase was to establish the design concept for the topside phase was to establish the design concept for the topside facilities on which to carry out the detailed design and engineering.

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Some of the factors relating to the topside facilities that helped achieve this successful result are described for each of the design, procurement, fabrication, hookup, and commissioning phases. Crude oil is exported at 90 psi [ kPa] through a in.

It is believed that new standards of efficiency and economy have been attained. As a specialist in custom lifting projects, Conbit provided Heerema with a complete package of structural engineering services and offshore installation expertise. In addition to lifting the spools to connect the jacket with the topside, Conbit assisted with the installation of the vent stack and emergency lighting, and performed many other related activities.


Accommodation is provided in a living quarters block with cabins to give maximum bed occupancy of men, and the quarters are surmounted by a landing pad designed for Chinook helicopters. The piled steel platform accommodates a combined drilling and production operation.

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Appraisals were based on economic return and denied if there would be no positive contribution. The North Cormorant platform in the North Sea was built and commissioned within budget and ahead of schedule to a high standard of quality.

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The paper specifically addresses the topside facilities, and it complements two other papers one reviewing the project as a whole and the other addressing the platform substructure. Login to unlock content and datasheet download Connect with Linkedin to unlock all content and to download the datasheet.

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Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls and Data Acquisition ' Hook up support of topside for offshore platform. Well prepared offshore flare tip replacement in the West Philippine Sea.

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Summary The North Cormorant topside hook up in the North Sea was built and commissioned within budget and ahead of schedule to a high standard of quality.

And delivered the lifting equipment. Inevitably, improvements could have been made to achieve even better results, and some of these also are explained.

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The topside hook up considerations in establishing the design concept were, as for all phases of project execution, cost, schedule, and quality. Part of the hook-up support was the installation of 11 spool pipes under the sub-cellar deck.

Efficiency and speed of offshore hookup and commissioning were addressed carefully, since these greatly influence both project costs and the schedule to first production, and were topside hook up as an area where the greatest gains might be made.

Sorry, we are currently not available. This paper describes methods adopted to contain costs and meet schedules in the interests of the project objective, which was to maximize the economic return from the development with due consideration for proper reservoir management, safety, and quality standards. Or do you need additional information?

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Of key importance was careful attention to the project objective and to planning, control, organization, people, and contracting methods. Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition.

Operational flexibility and facility maintenance were key considerations, for the former can affect production uptime and the latter maintenance costs and, at worst, production uptime, too.

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