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I'm catching animals, that's the way it is," he said.

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Considering the success of reality show stars in elections, I guess this news will take Turtle Man off the list the Party is considering for the ticket.

I always disliked that show. Maybe there's still a path back to TV stardom for the Turtleman—you know, just in case the lemonade stand doesn't work out.

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Sentient Third Eye August 28, at That was exactly the case. I tried to gas it like the Dukes of Hazzard to get over a ditch and into a cornfield. He actually told Channel Przyk adowe pytania na speed dating Magazine that he's been bitten 33 turtles man single by the deceivingly docile-seeming turtles man single, "and every one of them hurt like heck. Of his decision to lend his celebrity to the cause, Turtleman told the paper, "Since I have been a little kid we never had running water and that is still the way it is today, so I know what it is like now to have no water to drink.

When I seen these people in trouble and in need, I knew I had to help. He started catching turtles for food when he was seven years old.

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Though his trapping methods are decidedly low-tech, the Turtleman has embraced the wave of new media, launching his very own YouTube channel. Then there was the supposed rescue of three baby raccoons, which Turtleman stumbled upon turtle man single capturing the "mother" in a Kentucky family's laundry room.

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He almost died from a turtle bite. The untold truth of Turtleman.

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He actually did them for real, just as he used to before the show ever existed. Oh, and we almost forgot about the turtle, because of course there's one of those. He kept the bite stories rolling with another example of when a snapper got him in "the place down yonder.

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According to his Facebook page, the Turtleman made his first visit to Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, Kentucky where he shot a video showing himself learning how to make lemonade with one of the vendors. In an interview with Channel Guide MagazineBrown talked about the origins of his nickname. He recently announced the first single, " Turtleman Strong ," which he's already turned into a music video. Though it was never clearly spelled out that Turtleman became too much of a liability, the abrupt end of the show that same year pretty much speaks for itself.

Inthe year before the show stopped shooting new episodes, Turtleman was hit with a violation of his NWCO license after an episode in which he wrangled a deer out of a store in exchange for "an authentic suit of armor.

This is the untold truth of the Turtleman.

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In news that should shock absolutely no one, a reality TV show was staged. Back to KSR. Not exactly the "live action" of capturing potentially rabid raccoons, but the zoo patrons seemed to love it, and the Turtleman is back to doing what he does best. August 26, at I almost bled to death.

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They described the production as "a culture that tolerated legally and ethically dubious activities. We're there, doing our thing.

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It's been years since the Turtleman shot new episodes of his show, but he's still a beloved figure nationwide. Seven Ate Nine August 27, at 4: It ain't a pet. He helped organize a water-collection drive for victims of the Elk River chemical spill. Or it could be that without professional staging, his adventures aren't quite so entertaining, like this video where a monkey pets his arm for awhile, or this one where he gets a haircut.

His catchphrase is 'Live action!' but a lot of what he does is staged

And sure, the natural inclination here is to think "His family was diving into ponds for dinner, there's no way they ever went to the dentist," but it seems nature didn't even have a chance to rot out those chompers, because a series of gruesome accidents did it first.

I think this is a bad TV show, a badly scripted reality show. By the end of the drive, volunteers "had filled three 5-ton National Guard trucks with donations," which included "bottled water, paper products and utensils, baby wipes and other needed items for folks who've been days without usable water," according to The Herald Dispatch.