What to do when you re dating a liar 15 Signs That The Person You're Dating Is Lying To You

What to do when you re dating a liar

Picture him miserable ayi dating customer service number sleeping on the street all alone and laugh.

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No matter what his reasons are, the problem will only get bigger as time goes by. Instead of saying, "Hey.

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Stold thousands from me and my family. I do not think she even is aware that she does it.


At first I would scream, cry, argue and act out in direct effect to his lies most of them were rather ridiculous, large lies at this point. Compulsive Lying is at its most horrible times an addiction. I am 45 years old now. What do I do?

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Drug yourself and fall asleep without noticing. I, actually to the point where I can lie to myself and believe in false things. A comparatively harmless reason for compulsive lying is the seeking of attention.

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I married a sociopath. LEAVE at the first sign of a serious lie.

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Eventually the confronter will become very sick through their confronting, while the liar will move on with little or no scars from the interaction. What is a deal breaker is when their ways of compensating are hurtful to themselves or others, such as compulsive lying.

I have a file folder with about 10 pages of evidence that shows the restraining order was falsified.

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Know that they know you know. You're not holding grudges; there's a difference. Jump to the comments.

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Since then I have caught him in as many lies as I could imagine. I think that the strategy is typical of anyone that gets involved with a lying person addict of any sort.

I have went from excellent credit makinga year owning a square foot house, jaguar and duramax diesel truck to being bankrupt living without electricity for 2 months and wondering when I may be evicted has he lied about paying the rent again. I left, she took some tests and read some more, then walked to where I was and announced that she was a compulsive liar.

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In her personal life, she lied too.