Your best friend dating your ex My Ex is Dating My Friend! How to Handle it and How to Keep From Going Insane

Your best friend dating your ex

She started to date this guy and four months after they broke up we started to see each other. Getting into a conflict with your ex is the last thing you need.


However, you might also wish to make it clear where you draw the line, which may include where the three of you go, when the three of you spend time together and whether you'll even want to spend time together with the two of them.

Do not try to push your friend in the wrong direction. Being honest, showing respect, and having trust in one another is the key trinity to BFFs.

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After those feelings came anger. This site uses cookies. If you can't start over, just focus on healing. Please choose your username under which you would like all your comments to show up.

1. Ask for Respect

I seriously felt like I was going to go insane. This is only going to make things worse. If this is your first time visiting the brand new Betches, please click here to reset your password. Keep your friend close. You can also try hanging out with other friends more often so that you're not yours best friend dating your ex reminded of them. Follow her on Twitter mariellaf1. Try to let your break up go because if you don't your ex might start feeling uncomfortable around you.

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If she goes off on you, at least you can say you handled it the best way you could have. Be happy for your friend.

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Breaking up can be hard and is even harder in that odd situation where your friend starts dating him or her after you broke up. Try to move on. Dating your friend's ex might be up there with Watergate on a scandalous level, but the reality is you and your friends are probably both attractive, chill betches and it's not unlikely a bro would fall for both of you.

The important thing to accept is that you cannot make someone continue to care for you in an intimate way if they have made a decision to stop. Sort out your feelings for your ex. What are the chances they are going to end up happily ever after? Also, I knew so much about their relationship.

The fact that this girl did this to you is probably making you feel insecure about girl friendships. Follow Jackie Pilossoph on Twitter: Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Especially if he or she is newly separated. The incompatibility is in the way of the two of you staying a couple, hence it is time to let go.

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There is every reason for you to be getting on with your own life. The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Metro. Don't even put yourself into that venom.