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Irritated, Mira gets into an argument with her and ends up accepting a challenge to make a love potion. In an already niche genre of storytelling, Always The Same Blue Sky stands out as a truly unique, seaside adventure; a timeless tale of love, mystery and humanity. School-based fighting RPG game with a monster girl twist. A short visual novel about two girls. Konohana Kitan takes the top of this week's chart with a crowd-pleasing episode, and Welcome to the Ballroom continues to fall from grace.

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The twin princesses are going to get married to people they don't even know in 13 days for the sake of their kingdom. Every puzzle has multiple solutions, and the path you choose is up to you. Tell a Demon tells three intertwining stories of love, loss, and vengeance set in the s style post-Imperial city-state of Asher. Explaining the Mobage Phenomenon Nov 3, Cuddle with your vampire or werewolf partners!

Rei is to do anything she can to convince the man to accept her company's advertising proposal but will Rei's charms be enough to save her beloved company?

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Ivy has been a shy wallflower all her life, and the discovery she's capable of magic has made her decide to take the first steps in changing her life around. This time, something really good did happen.

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A visual novel about a girl and an alien drinking tea and falling in love! Crystal gets a vacation for the first times in years.

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I'm sure I'm not alone in this. November in the Javits Center. Sure you're used to moving around, but even you haven't experienced an island quite like this There are multiple endings and you unlock pin-up art of each character if you are able to woo them successfully.

Week of Oct Nov 3, Imperfect Girl GN 1 Nov 2, Game Features Old dating sims battle system: About when we first met. Planet Stronghold is a sci-fi role-playing game with a turn-based combat system.

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The scenarios range from playful, to blush-inducing Unfortunately, Mira's 'love potion' causes Odette to lose her magic and even Mira is not heartless enough to leave her rival in such a state. Contains gibberish, Charles Dickens, implied breasts, and pixelated va-jay-jay.

On her journey to the heart of the kingdom, Serafina discovers a whole new world beyond the shadows of the jungle. Also have a look at some of the options Andi dating sims have for romance! It has been raining ceaselessly for 7 days Welcome to Kiodora Technical Institute. La Maupin to the Rescue!

The responsibility for saving the company falls to Rei. Dialogue and story in the style of films by Nancy Meyers e.

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A land of misty desolate moors, towering craggy tors, ancient weathered standing stones --and Faeries. Gay popular girl and gay nerd trapped in a building together. Full of outdated jokes, horse puns and nonsensical writing.